Gadgets for road warriors.
Money for American warriors.


The FlyBuyers online store will be open for business in June 2014.  Meanwhile, please free to browse and offer any feedback to us.

The founder of FlyBuyers is an active member of the U.S. Air Force.  We will offer useful and cool gadgets for people on the go, but our main mission is to provide a way for military families to earn extra income without any time or effort. 

Gadgets For Road Warriors


World travel AC plug + USB port, Solar powered emergency phone charger-built in cables and battery,
Card size emergency phone charger-built in cables and battery, iPhone 5 wireless charger set

Money For American Warriors-we will donate $1 of every sale to veterans’ organizations such as the VFW.

We have listed some of the gadgets that will be available – more will be available once we go live.  These have all been tested for the best value and performance.  They are purchased directly from the factories for the best prices.

Please note that we recently shifted our strategy and is focusing on bringing the exciting CloudHawk professional pocket GPS tracker to market.  It is the only device with temperature monitor and true 7 days of battery life.  It can be found here:

Your support is greatly appreciated.